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Cod Liver Oil: An Excellent Source of Important Fat-Soluble Vitamins

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Vitamins can be classified into two categories: fat soluble and water soluble, and there are actually significant differences in the way these two types of vitamins react within your body. It is important to be getting natural sources of both of these categories of vitamins, because they have various systems within the body that are affected and supported by the presence of the vitamins.

Fat Soluble vs. Water Soluble Vitamins

Water soluble vitamins include vitamin C and 8 B vitamins, and when they are consumed the body uses what is needed and the excess vitamins are then removed from the body through the natural waste management processes such as urination. In fact, it is possible to determine the level of vitamins within a person’s body my measuring the urinary output. Because water soluble vitamins cannot be stored, it is necessary to consume them on a daily basis that they your body has what is needed for optimal health.

On the other hand, fat soluble vitamins are soluble in fats, and they are absorbed by the fat in the small intestine. Once the absorption occurs, the body is able to distribute the fat soluble vitamins throughout the rest of the body through the circulatory system, and the vitamins can be stored in the tissues of the body. Examples of fat soluble vitamins are vitamin E , vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin D, and all of these vitamins can easily be gained by consuming fermented cod liver oil on a regular basis.

Importance of Fat Soluble Vitamins

It is necessary to get a sufficient amount of fat soluble vitamins, because they are necessary for basically every function of your body. Vitamins are necessary for tissue repair and cellular growth, they also affect bone mass, skin health, immune system functioning, eye sight, the circulatory system, reproductive functions, and any other bodily function that occurs.

Because fat soluble vitamins can be stored in the body, it is possible to have a nutritional deficiency for a short amount of time before symptoms of the vitamin deficiencies begin to appear. It is best to get food sources of these vitamins on a regular basis in order to prevent a deficiency from occurring. If a person has an extended period of time without getting the fat soluble vitamins that are needed, then they will start to experience health problems that can only be reversed by adding the necessary vitamins back into their diet.

Fat Soluble Vitamin Levels

Because the body can store fat soluble vitamins, it is important to maintain a good balance of consumption. Even though most people think that more vitamins are better, the truth is that it is actually possible to experience vitamin toxicity when too many synthetic vitamins are consumed. The body isn’t able to utilize the synthetic vitamins in the same way naturally occurring vitamins can be used, resulting in the synthetic vitamins being stored on areas of the body such as the liver.

In order to avoid this toxicity it is important to only consume naturally occurring, food-based sources of fat soluble vitamins. Fermented cod liver oil has the naturally occurring fat soluble vitamins that your body needs, and taking a small amount of cod liver oil on a regular basis will provide the nutrition that you need without causing the vitamin toxicity that may occur from the synthetic vitamins.

Conventional vs. Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Simply taking any type of cod liver oil is not the best way to get the fat soluble vitamins that are needed, because many brands of cod liver oil use high levels of heat to refine the oil. This refining process actually strips the fat soluble vitamins from the oil, leaving the oil without the nutritional benefits that could be gained from natural, fermented cod liver oil.

To make matters worse, the manufacturers of conventional cod liver oil often add synthetic fat soluble vitamins back into the oil to compensate for the lack of nutrients. So, taking refined cod liver oil can actually result in vitamin toxicity because of the synthetic vitamins that are present.

The majority of the brands of cod liver oil that are sold are conventional, and many people don’t realize that they may not be getting the health benefits because they are taking a low quality oil. In fact, typically all of the brands of cod liver oil at the grocery store and drug store contain synthetic vitamins, so you shouldn’t simply buy the first or cheapest bottle of cod liver oil that you can find.

The best source of fat soluble vitamins is food based nutrition, your health will benefit much more from getting these vitamins from their natural source. Fermented cod liver oil maintains those naturally occurring vitamins, so you can take this supplement on a regular basis and provide your body with the nutrition that is needed for good health. There are a few select brands of cod liver oil available that use the natural fermentation process during the production of the oil, and Green Pasture is one of the highest quality brands that is available.


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