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Cod Liver Oil: Depression Benefits Available with Cod Liver Oil

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Modern diets consist of an unhealthy ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, and it is suspected that this imbalance in essential fatty acids may be contributing to the rates of depression as well as many other health conditions. By using certain supplements such as cod liver oil, depression can be treated naturally.

Ratios of Essential Fatty Acids

Our overall nutrition has been altered as a result of the types of food that we consume on a daily basis, and these nutrient problems are likely directly related to mental health problems such as depression.

Many people eat foods that are lacking in omega-3′s, such as processed foods and sugar. Additionally, foods that once contained a better balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids no longer have the same ratios of essential acids. For example, the way chickens are grown now has drastically increased the content of saturated fat within the meat, resulting in higher levels of omega-6 essential fatty acids.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids and Depression

So, why does it matter if we are getting enough omega-3 essential fatty acids? These nutrients cannot be produced by the body, which means that they must be present in the food that we are consuming. Many people don’t eat many foods that contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, resulting in a deficiency of these fatty acids.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are critical for brain functioning and mental health, and medical professionals are identifying a correlation between omega-3 consumption and depression. When there is an omega-3 deficiency, then a person may more likely to be diagnosed with depression.

Vitamin D and Depression

Another nutrient deficiency that has been associated with depression is vitamin D. Like essential fatty acids, this vitamin cannot be spontaneously created by the body– sunlight is necessary so that the body create the vitamin D that is needed. Or, certain food sources may provide vitamin D if sunlight is not available.

Our modern lifestyle has resulted in many people spending a majority of their time indoors, which means that they are likely deficient in vitamin D. Additionally, most people don’t consume the right foods to make up for the difference in vitamin D levels. In fact, vitamin D deficiency is fairly common, and it is negatively impacting many aspects of health.

There are several reasons why vitamin D may affect depression. For example, vitamin D helps to regulate the levels of stress hormone output in the body. When these stress hormones are not regulated properly, then a person may have poor mental health.

Another reason that vitamin D deficiency may lead to depression is because of the fact that vitamin D deficiency has been linked with hyperparathyroidism, and one of the main symptoms of hyperparathyroidism is depression.

Cod Liver Oil Supplements

As you can see, higher levels of both vitamin D and omega-3 essential fatty acids can affect depression, and increasing them may help to reduce the symptoms of depression. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of both of these nutrients, which means that using cod liver oil on a regular basis may be a good way to treat depression.

Fermented cod liver oil is better than other fish oils because of the fact that it contains naturally vitamin D along with the omega-3 essential fatty acids. Be sure that you are only using a high quality cod liver oil, in order to avoid contaminants and pollutants that may be present in the lower quality brands.

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