Cod Liver Oil for Acne Reduction and Beautiful Skin

It is common for acne products to contain vitamin A because researchers have discovered that vitamin A can be an effective way to reduce the symptoms of acne. But, instead of depending on unnatural medications, it is better to keep it simple and use a natural source of vitamin A instead. Cod liver oil for acne is an effective natural remedy because of the high levels of vitamin A, and there are many other cod liver oil benefits that can be experienced as well.

Medications vs. Cod Liver Oil

Acne medications such as Accutane have a high level of vitamin A, but this vitamin resource in the medication is usually an unnatural, synthetic source of the vitamin. In comparison, using cod liver oil provides those high levels of vitamin A that are needed to decrease acne, and cod liver oil is a better option because it is a natural source of vitamin A.

In fact, using unnatural, synthetic sources of vitamin A can actually be damaging to overall health, because it has a higher risk of toxicity. Natural sources of vitamin A, such as cod liver oil, carry a much lower risk of vitamin A toxicity compared with synthetic sources.

Vitamin A Absorption

One vitamin A problem for many people is that this vitamin is often not optimally absorbed because the person also has a lack of vitamin D. When higher levels of vitamin D are present, the body is more efficient at absorbing the vitamin A, so it is best to have both vitamin A and vitamin D together.

The combination of vitamins A and D in cod liver oil is one of the reasons that it may be so effective for acne. Regular fish oils don’t contain vitamins A and D, but fermented cod liver oil is an excellent source of both of these vitamins. Many people are deficient in both of these vitamins, so adding cod liver oil to their daily habits is an effective treatment to get rid of acne.

Acne Reduction and Beautiful Skin

Essential Fatty Acids

Healthy skin needs to have natural oils in order to prevent dryness and protect it from harmful skin conditions. Sometimes, dry skin may begin to over-produce oil in order to re-moisturize the skin, and this increase in oil production can result in an acne outbreak. Getting enough essential fatty acids is an effective way to maintain balanced levels of oils and moisture in the skin. Taking cod liver oil for acne every day will provide your body with omega-3 essential fatty acids, which will help to maintain a better balance of moisture and oils in the skin. It’s also good for constipation, click here to check its benefits for constipation.

Micronutrient Benefits

Even though most of the medications and synthetic supplements focus on a particular vitamin, such as vitamin A, choosing a single vitamin or mineral is not the best option to treat health conditions. These supplements do not contain the hundreds of other micronutrients that may be present in a natural source.

When fermented cod liver oil is used, the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients are preserved in the oil. So, you are getting vitamin A which is beneficial for acne treatment, and you are also getting numerous other micronutrients that may also be beneficial. Cod liver oil is considered a “nutrient-dense” food, which means that it is very high in nutrients per calorie, and those nutrients support overall health and wellness. These nutrients are in the correct proportion that is best for health, and taking synthetic supplements can result in an unbalanced proportion of nutrients that may potentially negatively impact the benefits of the treatment plan.

In order to get the best acne results, it is absolutely necessary to get the highest quality nutrients that are available, and cod liver oil for acne is a great option because the oil contains many of the nutrients that will effectively help to reduce acne symptoms.