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Cod Liver Oil for Hair Growth

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Even though cod liver oil is not a proven treatment method for hair loss, some people find that this natural remedy may help to slow the loss of their hair. Fermented cod liver oil for hair growth may be beneficial for several reasons: balancing the hormones, increasing nutrient levels, and decreasing inflammation.

Hormonal Balancing

Levels of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone can cause a change in hair growth patterns, and if something occurs that changes these hormone levels the person may experience hair loss. Sometimes the hormones can be changed by life experiences such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, illness, crash diets, diet supplements, or increased amounts of stress.

When these hormone levels are changed, it is common for the metabolism to slow down which may result in hair loss because the body is focusing resources on the major organs instead. These changes in hormone levels can be balanced with natural methods, and one of the best ways to counteract hormone changes is with fermented cod liver oil.

Fermented cod liver oil contains several nutrients that may affect the hormone levels within the body. Essential fatty acids and vitamin D are two main elements to consider, because an increase in these nutrients often helps to control hormone levels in many people. In fact, vitamin D is technically considered a hormone, and it can affect many of the major systems in the body.

Nutrient Levels

When a person is deficient in certain nutrients, the body is forced to prioritize the use of the nutrients that are available. The natural functions of the body will focus the nutritional resources on the major organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, etc. Hair growth is not a top priority in the chain of command, so these nutrient deficiencies may cause hair loss to occur since there are not enough nutrients to go around.

Increasing nutrition levels can be as simple as adding a natural supplement such as fermented cod liver oil. This supplement contains high levels of necessary nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, and thousands of other micronutrients. When fermented cod liver oil is used on a regular basis, it may help to optimize all functions of the body, including hair growth, because it is such a nutrient dense source of food.

Keep in mind that only fermented cod liver oil contains all of the nutrients that are in the original source. When cod liver oil is processed with heat and refined, some of the major nutritional benefits are stripped out… including the naturally occurring vitamin D. Some manufacturers add synthetic vitamin D back into the refined oil, but the synthetic source is not as effective as the naturally occurring source.

Vitamin D can be gained with direct exposure to the sun, but the problem is that many people don’t spend enough time in the sun each day. Additionally, sun exposure may increase the risk of skin cancer, so it may be a better option to use a nutrient source such as fermented cod liver oil because it has naturally occurring vitamin D.

Inflammation Reduction

Some medical professionals have found a correlation between inflammation levels in the body and hair loss– people with increased levels of hair loss often have increased levels of inflammation. Taking fermented cod liver oil on a daily basis can help by providing your body with more omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids can reducing the level of inflammation that is present, which may in turn improve the hair growth patterns.


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