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Cod Liver Oil for Hair Health

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Even though there aren’t any specific research studies proving the efficacy of cod liver oil for hair, there are many nutrients in cod liver oil that may improve the overall quality of your hair. When a person is taking cod liver oil internally, it is common for them to experience an improvement in the strength and shine of their hair, as well as an increase in hair growth.

Hair Health and Vitamin D

There are varying opinions about whether or not vitamin D can affect hair health, but some people claim that higher levels of vitamin D may result in an improvement in the shine of a person’s hair. Additionally, some research suggest that vitamin D levels may impact hair growth.

The reason that vitamin D might affect hair health is because of the fact that it is actually a steroid hormone, and hair health may be related to hormone levels within the body. These vitamin D levels may affect the maintenance of hair follicles, which can impact the oils that are produced to improve the quality of a person’s hair. Additionally, the maintenance of these hair follicles may impact the growth rate of the hair.

It is important that you are using a high quality, natural source of vitamin D. Many people assume that they can take conventional cod liver oil to get a good source of vitamin D, but the truth is that most cod liver oil is produced with refining methods that use heat which strips out the naturally occurring vitamin D. To make up for the lack of vitamin D, it is common for conventional cod liver oils to have synthetic vitamin D added in… but the synthetic vitamin D is not a good as the natural vitamin D that can be found in fermented cod liver oil.

So, if you want to improve your hair health with vitamin D supplementation, it is best to use fermented cod liver oil in order to get a good source of natural vitamin D.

Hormone Regulation

Because hormones can affect skin and hair health, taking cod liver oil to help balance the hormones can be an effective way to reduce hair problems. In fact, many women experiencing thinning hair have already gone through menopause, which has led medical professionals to believe that there may be a relationship between hormones and hair growth.

Certain hormonal changes like the use of birth control or androgen sensitivity may result in a decrease in hair growth as well as lack-luster appearance of the hair. When cod liver oil is used regularly, it can help to decrease these hair symptoms.

Nutritional Levels and Hair Health

One important element to maintaining shiny, healthy hair is to be sure that you have a sufficient amount of nutrients within the body. When a deficiency occurs, certain functions such as hair growth may slow and the person will likely experience a dulling of the appearance of their hair. Two specific nutrients that may affect hair appearance and growth are vitamins A and D. Both of these vitamins can be found naturally occurring in fermented cod liver oil, which makes it a great option to use as a supplement for hair health.

Healthy Scalp

One important element to having healthy hair is maintaining a healthy scalp. When cod liver oil is taken internally, the skin can benefit from the omega-3 essential fatty acids that are available. These essential fatty acids can help to decrease patchy, dry spots on the skin which may in turn improve scalp health. When these dry, patchy spots decrease, then it is likely that scalp problems such as dandruff will also decrease.

Hair Loss and Inflammation

It is suspected that hair loss may be related with higher levels of inflammation, which means that reducing the inflammation in the body may result in improved hair growth. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, as well as other micronutrients within cod liver can be very beneficial with reducing overall inflammation levels within the body.


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