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Cod Liver Oil: Vitamin A Benefits from a Natural Source

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Traditionally, children have learned that they need to eat carrots in order to get enough vitamin A to support healthy eye sight. Carrots are a source of vitamin A, but there are other natural products that are higher in vitamin A– and cod liver oil is a great source of vitamin A. In fact, if you look at the specific nutrient properties of cod liver oil, the vitamin A levels are so high that it exceeds the recommended daily allowance (RDA) that has been set for this vitamin.

Vitamin A and Heart Attacks

Research studies have found that decreased levels of vitamin A may be associated with an increase in the risk of heart attack. If a person is eating a diet lower in vitamin A, then their heart health may be affected. The easiest and most effective way to get enough vitamin A is by using cod liver oil on a daily basis.

Cod liver oil may in fact help to reverse the effects of heart disease by repairing the artery walls. But, the best approach is to take preventative measures before the damage is too severe. So, even if you haven’t been diagnosed with heart disease, it is a good idea to use cod liver oil for vitamin A in order to avoid potential heart problems in the future.

Vitamin A for All Ages

Research studies have looked at the effects of vitamin A on pregnancy and infants, and it was discovered that infants with a higher amount of vitamin A may have better rates of mortality and morbidity. Also, vitamin A can be beneficial for pregnant or nursing mothers, because it can prevent infections and help with optimal brain development of the baby.

Adults can take a tablespoon of cod liver oil each day, but the frequency and dosages should be decreased for children. It may be a good idea to have young children use cod liver oil on a regular basis to be sure they are getting enough vitamin A as well as other essential nutrients.

Free Radicals and Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that can be very beneficial for skin health. When cod liver oil is used on a regular basis, many people experience an improvement in their skin suppleness and texture– most likely as a result of the high levels of vitamin A as well as the essential fatty acids that are available.

Antioxidants, such as vitamin A, are important for reducing free radical activity that can negatively affect a person both internally and externally. When free radicals are present, it may cause cellular damage that can lead to skin problems such as wrinkles and aging spots. Other negative effects of free radicals is that higher free radical activity can lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

When you are getting enough vitamin A, the antioxidants can work to decrease the number of free radicals that are present. So, it is a good idea to use cod liver oil daily in order to get the vitamin A that is needed to keep your skin looking youthful, as well as preventing the serious health conditions associated with free radical activity in the body.

Some natural treatments have been looking at the high levels of vitamin A in cod liver oil, and it has been discovered that high levels of vitamin A may actually be an option available for cancer treatment and the reduced risk of cancer.

Vitamin A Toxicity

One of the biggest concerns that many people have about vitamin A is the fact that toxicity may occur within the body if too much vitamin A is consumed. But, the truth is that higher levels of vitamin A may be consumed without the worry of toxicity problems, as long as the vitamin A is coming from a natural source. Many of the supplements contain synthetic vitamin A, and this synthetic vitamin A is usually the cause of toxicity if it occurs.

In order to avoid toxicity, it is important to use a high quality product with naturally occurring vitamin A. Fermented cod liver oil provides vitamin A naturally, so you don’t need to worry about toxicity problems if you are following the dosage instructions on the label.

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