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Cod Liver Oil: Weight Loss with a Healthy Source of Fat

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The obesity rates are increasing at an alarming rate, and as a result there are many people who are searching for answers to help them get rid of the excess fat. You may have heard about using cod liver oil for weight loss, but many people question the efficacy of this weight loss plan because of the fact that cod liver oil is high in fat.

Hormone Regulation

Hormones are necessary for many natural functions of the body, and if the hormones are imbalanced then health problems may occur. Researchers have discovered a link between hormone balancing and weight, because certain hormones affect the way fat cells are burned or stored within the body.

Using natural, fermented cod liver oil may be an effective way to regulate hormone levels, which in turn will help you to manage weight. The reason that hormone balancing may occur is because fermented cod liver oil is a rich source of natural vitamin D, and the levels of vitamin D in your body will affect hormone production. Be sure that you are only using fermented cod liver oil though, because cod liver oil that was produced a different way doesn’t contain natural vitamin D. The other processing procedures often add synthetic vitamin D, because the naturally occurring vitamin D was removed during the production process.

Fat Intake

Browsing through the weight loss foods at the grocery store is eye-opening about the misunderstandings that our society holds about nutrition. In recent years, low-fat diets have been promoted in advertising campaigns, resulting in many people cutting back on the overall amount of fat that they are consuming.

In order to obtain optimal health, a sufficient amount of fat needs to be consumed. Unhealthy types of fat should be avoided, because these are the types of fat that may lead to weight gain. But, it is important to get enough of the healthy fats in order to lose weight and maintain good health. Limiting sources of unhealthy fats, and using cod liver oil on a daily basis might be one of the best combinations to optimize weight loss.

Cortisol Levels

Cortisol and insulin are both important to control if you want to lose weight, because unhealthy cortisol levels can lead to fat storage and insulin problems. Unhealthy fats found in processed foods and refined vegetable oils can negatively affect cortisol levels, which can result in weight gain.

Instead of consuming these unhealthy fats, it is better to consume healthy fats that provide the body with DHA and EPA– which are made from essential fatty acids. There are many benefits of cod liver oil, and cortisol balancing is one of the benefits that is great for weight loss.

High Quality Cod Liver Oil

When you are buying cod liver oil, it is important to be sure that you are getting quality oil that is produced the correct way. The production processes can greatly affect the nutrition content within the oil, and the best type of oil is fermented cod liver oil.

The fermentation process maintains healthy amounts of omega-3 essential fatty acids, and other vitamins are also available such as vitamins D and A. Another benefit of fermented cod liver oil is the fact that it is a nutrient dense food, which means that it has high levels of micronutrients that are needed for good health. In comparison, using a lower quality oil that has been processed with heat will result in fewer health benefits because these naturally occurring nutrients are no longer available– they were stripped out of the oil during the processing period.

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