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Eating Fish vs. Taking Cod Liver Oil Supplements

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It is becoming more widely known that we should be including fish in our diets because of the omega-3 essential fatty acids that are available in the fish. There are numerous health benefits that can be gained when fish is consumed, but most people do not get the recommended servings of fish each week.

Differences Between Supplements and Fish

There are various reasons why someone might not each fish, such as the time it takes to prepare the fish, the cost of eating high quality fish, the heavy metals within the fish, or maybe someone just doesn’t like the taste of fish. Regardless of the reasons why you don’t eat enough fish, there is no need to worry because those nutrients can be gained by taking cod liver oil supplements.

Fermented cod liver oil contains concentrated levels of the nutrients that are available in the fish, and a small dose each day can provide you with nutrients such as omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, as well as thousands of other micronutrients.

Another benefit of the oil supplements is the fact that high quality brands, such as Green Pastures, tests for contaminants such as heavy metals. So, you can take the oil supplements without worrying about the heavy metals that might be present if you are eating fish.

Does it Matter?

If you don’t want to eat fish every week, then it is fine to take supplements instead. In fact, some sources such as the Weston A Price Foundation actually suggest the regular use of cod liver oil for everyone, because the high levels of nutrients are very beneficial for overall health.

The main reason that people like to use cod liver oil supplements instead of eating fish is because of the simplicity of taking the supplements, it is very easy to take the oil each morning and you don’t have to worry about catering your meals around fish.

When you purchase your oil supplements, it is important that you verify that the brand is “fermented” cod liver oil, because the fermented oil is much higher in nutrient density compared with other brands of oil. Many of the oil brands that are available produce the oil with high levels of heat during a refining process, which strips out some of the most beneficial nutrients of the oil. Buying fermented cod liver oil will ensure that the food-based, natural nutrients are available so that you can gain the best source of nutrition possible.


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