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Syndrome X Metabolic Conditions and How Cod Liver Oil Can Help

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Medical professionals that understand the benefits of fermented cod liver oil often refer to the supplement as a superfood, because of the fact that it is so high in nutrition and there are many health benefits that can be gained when the oil is used on a regular basis. One of the biggest benefits to using cod liver oil is the fact that it can be an effective natural treatment for metabolic related health conditions. Metabolic syndrome is often referred to as Syndrome X, and it is a group of health conditions that occur together, resulting in more serious health problems.

What Exactly is Syndrome X?

The health conditions that are under the umbrella of Syndrome X contribute to the rising rates of disease and death, and they include: diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, stroke, and insulin resistance. A high percentage of people are diagnosed with at least 1 of these conditions during their lifetime, and it is not uncommon for someone to have multiple health conditions that are related to metabolic problems. In fact, some studies have suggested that as much as 25% of the population in the United States have health conditions related to Syndrome X.

Evidence has been discovered showing that Syndrome X health conditions are likely a result of a deficiency of fat soluble vitamins as well as the combination of high amounts of omega-6′s and decreased levels of omega-3′s. This nutrient imbalance is a result of the Westernized diet that many people eat, because the high levels of meat, processed foods, and other unhealthy ingredients provide high levels of omega-6′s without the omega-3′s and fat soluble vitamins.

The Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

One of the best ways to correct the health problems of Syndrome X is by increasing the consumption of omega-3 essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins, and decreasing the intake of omega-6 fatty acids. The fat soluble vitamins and omega-3′s can easily be obtained by taking fermented cod liver oil on a daily basis, this supplement provides plenty of essential fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, and thousands of other micronutrients which can be beneficial for health.

It is important to distinguish between fermented cod liver oil vs. conventional cod liver oil. Most companies produce cod liver oil by subjecting the fish liver to high levels of heat in order to extract the oil. The problem with this production method is that it removes many of the essential nutrients that are found within the natural form of the oil. Often, synthetic nutrients are added back into the refined oil, resulting in a low quality oil filled with synthetic vitamins that may cause toxicity when they are consumed.

Instead of buying those low quality brands, it is better to use a brand such as Green Pastures, because they produce the oil with a natural fermentation process. This fermentation method preserves the food-based vitamins and nutrients, which can help to decrease the symptoms of Syndrome X.

Prevention vs. Treatment

Some people wait until a diagnosis occurs before they begin changing their daily habits, but it is much better to take a proactive approach by using cod liver oil to prevent Syndrome X health conditions before they start. All of the symptoms within the Syndrome X category can be prevented by following a healthy diet, and simple changes each day can be an effective way to decrease your risk of disease.

Start out by taking a dose of fermented cod liver oil each day, and then begin to work on decreasing the unhealthy foods that you may be consuming. The cod liver alone brings about wonderful results for many people, which makes the combination of diet and cod liver oil a powerful way to improve overall health.


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